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P.O Box 2237
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Animal Success Stories
They are here because you were there when they needed it most.  There is no greater love than the love of a rescued dog.   Thank you for adopting and giving them the lives they all deserve  ♥ 

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Matilda is no longer the withdrawn breeder girl who was found tied out and abandoned. It has taken her a little, while but she is finally accepting the kind touches and love that she so deserves. Matilda has some on-going health issues caused by years of neglect and having way too many puppies but her new mom is getting her the best care :)


We aren't sure how a dog like Lionel (now known as Horace) ends up at a shelter but someone's loss was our gain. Adopted and loved <3


Nate has come a long way from the broken and scared dog in the shelter. He is living the life of lakes, sun, fun and love in Minnesota now!!


The eyes have it! One look at that face and Kya's foster family was hooked. We love foster failures!


Trey's favorite things are squeaky toys!! He is a very happy and very loved boy :)

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